My experience in the field of marine conservation includes biodiversity projects, monitoring, restoration, and management of Marine Protected Areas. My work also includes scientific dissemination for specialized audiences and local communities.


Coordination of a project to establish the first network of Marine Protected Areas, in Sao Tome and Principe

CEO of Oceanogami: Building Ocean Responsibility

Direction of the management plan for the Ascension Marine Protected Area

Management of a subtidal ecological monitoring project, Galapagos Marine Reserve

Training, organization of events and campaigns in Spain and internationally

Coordination of a deep sea project of the Galapagos Marine Reserve

Monitoring of Marine Protected Areas of the Mediterranean Sea (MMMPA)

Collaboration on the animated short film: Zoe and Her Adventures in the Mediterranean Sea

Coral restoration and marine education in Kuda Huraa, Maldives

Participation in the study of Phylogenetics of corals in the Pacific at the Institute of Marine Biology of Hawaii, USA

Participation in the coral and fish aquaculture in Florida Keys, US

Participation in the ecological study of deep coral beds in the Mediterranean at the Institute of Marine Sciences of Barcelona, ​​Spain

Participation in the coastal ecology study at Bangor University, United Kingdom

Oceanogami – Waste collection with sustainable navigation and eco-snorkeling activities together with Spontex and Newell Brands

Oceanogami – Teambuilding activities with Hi-Cone with waste collection and awareness about the state of sea turtles

Oceanogami – Waste collection and teambuilding activities with Amazon Spain

Oceanogami – CLUSTER project for training and entrepreneurship for women and young people in the Mediterranean for the development of sustainable businesses

Oceanogami – Training and capacity activities for better management of MPAs in collaboration with MedPAN

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