Coordination of a deep sea project of the Galapagos Marine Reserve



As a senior marine ecologist at the Charles Darwin Foundation, I coordinated the seamounts and deep waters project in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.


Key Elements:

  • Analysis of quantitative data and taxonomic samples collected in deep waters.
  • Consolidation of bathymetry data.
  • Assessment of ecosystem services of seamounts.
  • Organization of courses and workshops.
  • Education and social awareness.


Notable Achievements:


  • P Marti-Puig, S Buglass, C Arnés-Urgellés, M Creemers, NA Raineault, C Fisher, L Watling, T O’Hara, H Reiswig, G Rouse, TM Shank, MK Wicksten, S. Rowley, S. Cairns, B. Ott, L.F Robinson, A. Samperism, K. Baba, S.M. Griffiths, E. Rastoin, P. Salts-of-Lion. Characterization of the invertebrate megafauna in submarine mounds and other shallow-water habitats: new species and records for the Galapagos Marine Reserve. Deep water research (in preparation).
  • Theo Ison, Patricia Marti-Puig, Katherine Needham, and J. Murray Roberts. Exploring public preferences for seamount conservation in the Galapagos Marine Reserve: evidence from a contingent valuation study. Ecological Economy (sent)
  • Patricia Marti-Puig. Resolving the challenges that characterize ecosystem services in deep-water seamount ecosystems (knowledge cafe). IMPAC4 4-12 September 2017. La Serena-Coquimbo, Chile.



  • Charles Darwin Foundation
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