Coordination of a project to establish the first network of Marine Protected Areas, in Sao Tome and Principe



Key Elements:

  • Participation of Interested Parties: Facilitation of collaboration between various actors including fisheries, government, private sector, and NGOs.
  • Livelihood and Business Diversification: Development of strategies for the economic and sustainable diversification of local communities.
  • Data Collection and Analysis in Conservation Planning (MARXAN): Using data to inform strategic decisions in marine conservation planning.
  • Workshops/Webinars: Facilitation of interactive sessions to share knowledge and strengthen capacities.
  • Preparation of Financial Reports: Detailed reporting to keep funders informed of project progress and achievements.


Notable Achievements:


  • Organization of the First Assembly with Interest Groups: Pioneering meeting with representatives of fishing, government, private sector, NGOs, and others to jointly establish the network of Marine Protected Areas.
  • Documentary Production on Marine Protected Areas: Creation of educational and motivational visual content to highlight the importance of Marine Protected Areas in Sao Tome and Principe.



Blue Action Fund with Local and International Collaboration: Financially backed by the Blue Action Fund, the project was funded in partnership with local and international collaborators.

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