Oceanogami – Waste collection with sustainable navigation and eco-snorkeling activities together with Spontex and Newell Brands


Key Elements and Achievements:

  • Spontex is a company committed to the marine environment and was looking for a partner with which to organize a CSR campaign to raise awareness about current problems in marine ecosystems and have a positive impact on them.
  • At the same time, they were looking for something that would raise awareness among the team itself and strengthen the ties between its members.
  • For the third consecutive year, we were hired to organize an awareness workshop on the marine environment along with two activities: Eco Snorkeling and sustainable navigation.
  • These two activities were carried out with the purpose of collecting all possible waste and also being in direct contact with the marine environment. A digital campaign was also organized on social networks to raise awareness among its audience and promote citizen action.



  • Spontex y Newell Brands


Logo Spontex

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