Patricia Puig, Ph.D.

Consultant in marine sciences and blue economy. Building a bridge between the ocean and society.

About Patricia Puig

I was born in Alicante on the Mediterranean coast, and since I was little, I have been passionate about the vast marine world. Throughout my professional career, I have specialized as a marine scientist with a particular focus on the Blue Economy and Marine Protected Areas, a field in which I have achieved recognition and where I have served as a keynote speaker at international events and conferences.

I have worked in multiple ocean areas, from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, establishing a robust network of international contacts and a deep understanding of the current challenges of ocean conservation.

My PhD in monitoring Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean gave me a profound specialization in governance, management, and socio-economic aspects. 

In 2018, I founded Oceanogami, a consultancy company with a specific focus on blue economy nad ocean responsibility, centering my efforts on Marine Protected Areas and the relationship between the economy and marine conservation. Within Oceanogami, I not only lead awareness campaigns but also lead workshops and events specific to Blue Economy, taking advantage of the relationship between small-scale fishing and conservation sectors. I am also a PADI Diving Instructor. In 2024 I co-founded Blue-jobs, the marine science and blue economy job platform.

I think the connection between the ocean and our society is fundamental. My mission is to merge marine science with economics and politics, with the principal objective of ensuring the conservation of the marine environment for generations to come. Because the ocean, beyond being a passion, is a responsibility that I have assumed in my career.

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Who do I work with

Logros y experiencias Paty Puig

Achievements and Experiences

Skills / Methodology

Stakeholder Management

Experience coordinating and collaborating with multiple stakeholders.

Facilitation and Understanding

Natural ability to facilitate discussions and understand diverse perspectives.


Constant generator of creative ideas and practical solutions.

Public Participation

Focus on interactivity and active engagement of audiences.

Expertise in Blue Economy

Recognition as an international keynote speaker in blue economy and conservation.

Specialization in Marine Protected Areas

Deep understanding and practical experience in MPA management and conservation.

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