Consultaria en Economía Azul

Consultant in Blue Economy

With more than 15 years of leading conservation projects in various world regions, Dr. Patricia Puig has established herself as an undisputed expert in the blue economy, coral reefs, and Marine Protected Areas. Founder of Oceanogami, a consultancy specializing in the blue economy, Patricia offers consulting to organizations, governments, and companies seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations. With experience spanning the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean, Patricia provides solutions based on science and conservation, ensuring that the blue economy is not just a concept but a practical reality.

Workshop Organization

Dr. Patricia Puig is not only an expert in her field but also a natural facilitator with skills in diplomacy and organization. She has organized a variety of workshops and events, from blue economy issues and Marine Protected Areas to broader topics such as adaptation and mitigation of climate change. With events held in collaboration with organizations such as WWF, IUCN, and the Charles Darwin Foundation, Patricia has the ability to design and deliver workshops that offer education, training, and solutions based on real-world experiences.

Organización de Workshops
Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Widely sought after as keynote speaker, Dr. Patricia Puig has brought her knowledge in the blue economy, coral reef conservation, and Marine Protected Areas to audiences worldwide. Her multilingual skills allow her to communicate effectively in Spanish, English, Italian, Catalan, and French, expanding your reach and ensuring your message is understood by a diverse audience. From conferences such as IMPAC4 in Chile to regional workshops in the Mediterranean, Patricia brings clarity, passion, and practical experience to each presentation, making her an essential speaker for any event related to marine economics and conservation.

Multidisciplinary Team at your disposal

If your project requires a broader perspective or specialized skills, Patricia does not work alone. Through her marine environmental consultancy, Oceanogami, she leads a global network of over 70 multidisciplinary consultants. Coming from around the world, these professionals bring diverse knowledge and experience in areas that complement and expand Patricia's already vast experience. Whether you need experts in marine biology, sustainable economics, protected area management, or any other ocean-related field, Patricia and her team at Oceanogami are prepared to offer comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions for your organization or project.

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