As the founder and manager of Oceanogami and as an independent consultant I offer assistance, advise and support in a series of services in the area of ocean sustainability. My clients can vary from individuals, NGOs, companies or governmental agencies.

Ocean responsibility

Helping public and private entities to strengthen their commitment for a sustainable ocean, developing strategies to promote awareness and to reduce their impact on the ocean

In the field of marine sustainability, there is a disconnection between the different sectors that are related to the marine environment. Oceanogami was born to cover this space and create synergies for the sustainable use of marine resources, for a socio-environmental improvement. One of the main services is Ocean responsibility, in which we offer a personalized service to private and public sectors to improve their marine environmental responsibility.

  • Marine Protected Areas: MPA planning, monitoring and stakeholder engagement
  • Research and monitoring: Monitoring biodiversity and restoration of ecosystems
  • Scientific communication: Scientific presentations, education and outreach and written communications
  • Capacity building: Career development courses, project proposals and mentorship
  • Event organization: Scientific events, facilitation and citizen science campaigns