For marine conservation to be effective over time it is necessary to carry out integrated conservation and management, taking into account people. As an independent consultant and at the organizational level with the support of my network (Oceanogami), I offer assistance, advise and support in a series of services in the area of marine conservation and Marine Protected Areas, connecting society and ocean. My clients can vary from individuals, NGOs, companies or governmental agencies.

Marine Protected Areas

  • MPA planning
  • MPA monitoring
  • Stakeholder engagement
Ecological monitoring


  • Monitoring biodiversity: genetic, species and ecosystem monitoring
  • Restoring marine ecosystems, such as the restoration of coral reefs


  • Scientific Presentations
  • Local awareness campaigns and media events
  • Education and outreach
  • Written communications: materials for newspapers, magazines, blogs & policy briefs
Community and policy engagement

Events organisation

  • Organization of plastic awareness campaigns
  • Organization and logistics of scientific meetings and events.
  • Facilitation of scientific events

Capacity building

  • Career development courses: leadership, communication
  • Scientific grant consulting / project proposals
  • Coaching and support in career development
  • Advise on job and career opportunities
  • Training early career researchers in leadership skills for marine conservation
Scientific presentations

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