Oceanogami – Training and capacity activities for better management of MPAs in collaboration with MedPAN


Key Elements and Achievements:

  • The Network of Managers of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MedPAN) aims to promote the establishment, operation, and sustainability of a Mediterranean network of Marine Protected Areas.
  • Throughout our collaboration with MedPAN, we have managed to develop the capacities and competencies of marine professionals to create stronger and more effective MPAs in the Mediterranean, ensuring that governance and stakeholder participation are carried out effectively to achieve long-term success:
    • Development of a communication tool for MPA managers and set of communication tools for closed MPAs in the Mediterranean
    • Leadership of a workshop on Marine Protected Areas organized by MedPAN in Montenegro
    • Leadership of the 5-day MPA governance training in Lebanon for marine professionals on better MPA governance was led by our Director General, Patricia Martí Puig, together with MPA specialist Sue Wells.



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