CEO of Oceanogami: Building Ocean Responsibility

2018- Present


Key Elements:

  • Founder and CEO of Oceanogami, an international consultancy specializing in ocean sustainability. We act as a link between companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, research centers, and other institutions with a relationship with the marine environment.

Notable Achievements:


  • 79 Total Projects Completed
  • 50 Organizations Impacted
  • 32 Support Projects in Marine Protected Areas
  • 649,279 People Reached



  • Through our Corporate Ocean Responsibility projects and blue economy consulting services where we develop capabilities and raise awareness for marine conservation.

More projects

Participation in the ecological study of deep coral beds in the Mediterranean at the Institute of Marine Sciences of Barcelona, ​​Spain

Oceanogami – Training and capacity activities for better management of MPAs in collaboration with MedPAN

Oceanogami – Waste collection and teambuilding activities with Amazon Spain

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