Training, organization of events and campaigns in Spain and internationally

2018- 2021


Key Elements:

  • Support organizations in training activities, awareness campaigns, and organization of scientific events.
  • Organization of plastic awareness campaigns
  • Development of Marine Protected Area leadership programs, management and monitoring plans, and production of scientific reports.
  • Organization of events with companies and citizens to build their ocean responsibility and corporate social responsibility on marine debris.
  • Development of sustainable tourism activities to raise awareness and reduce marine litter.
  • Organization of workshops related to climate change (COP14 and COP24), fisheries, stakeholder participation, and co-management of Marine Protected Areas.
  • Support the WWF Mediterranean team with the logistics and organization of events in Spain.


Notable Achievements:

  • Seminar on marine debris (October 3 – 5, 2018)
  • Seminar on microplastics
  • Second training of the Mediterranean Leadership Forum – PHASE II
  • Participation of interested parties in the project “Transforming small-scale fishing in the Mediterranean”
  • ACAI Ocean Practice Meeting
  • Meeting on the Global Tuna Strategy
  • Fishing exchange visits, small-scale fishing project



  • Lush, Hi-cone, Acer, Loewe, Surfrider, European Environment Association, WWF, UN Environment.

More projects

Oceanogami – Teambuilding activities with Hi-Cone with waste collection and awareness about the state of sea turtles

Participation in the coral and fish aquaculture in Florida Keys, US

Training, organization of events and campaigns in Spain and internationally

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