Patricia Martí Puig

Scientist dedicated to ocean conservation

My Story

I am a biologist, with a Msc in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation and a Ph.D. in Biodiversity and Evolution. During my research career I got the opportunity to study different marine systems (tropical, Mediterranean sea, deep-sea, coastal areas…) and learned across several disciplines in marine conservation such as Aquaculture, Biodiversity and Evolution, Conservation genetics, Coral reefs, Environmental awareness and Marine ecology. 
I am from Spain, but I am also fluent in 4 other languages. I am also a divemaster and passionate about underwater photography. Over the years, I worked with many different people, learning to understand others views and cultures. I am a natural learner, always motivated to keep developing personally and professionally. Aside from marine conservation, I have other extracurricular interests (chess, music..) that have helped me to develop my creativity and patience.
Because I want to follow a marine conservation career and doing the gaps and needs in this field, my professional goal is to translate scientific knowledge into policy and management for ocean conservation. Moreover, I would like to keep developing educational and public outreach initiatives because I consider that scientific communication is essential to make a change.
“The ocean keeps me healthy and I can not live without a healthy ocean”. As a marine scientist I am passionate to make a contribution for ocean conservation.

My Recent Work