As a consultant and with the support of my network, I offer a series of services in the area of marine conservation.

Biodiversity monitoring

Assistance in monitoring biodiversity from genes to ecosystems (genetic monitoring, species monitoring and ecosystem monitoring). Assistance in restoring marine ecosystems, such as the restoration of coral reefs.

Community and policy engagement

Scientific presentations and support to organise local awareness campaigns and media events. Educational and outreach initiatives including reef restoration hands-on experience, marine biodiversity talks, diving and snorkelling tours, boat tours and outreach campaigns. Materials for newspapers, blogs and produce audiovisual materials.

Scientific events organisation

Organization, logistics, materials and facilitation of scientific meetings and events in marine science. Organization of carreer development courses (leadership, communication).


Advise and mentorship for students that would like to develop their career in marine conservation, providing them support in career development. Training and mentoring early career researchers to be future marine conservation leaders.

Marine Protected Areas

Within my organisation, Oceanogami, we offer additional services focused on the field of Marine Protected Areas.

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