Capacity building, event organization and campaigning. Spain & International.


Support to organizations in training activities, awareness campaigns and organization of scientific events.

  • Organization of plastic awareness campaigns
  • Development of leadership programs for marine protected areas, management plans, and monitoring and production of scientific reports.
  • Organization of events with companies and citizens to build their ocean responsibility and corporate social responsibility on marine litter.
  • Development of sustainable tourism activities to raise awareness and reduce marine litter.
  • Organization of workshops related to climate change (COP14 and COP24), fishing, stakeholder participation, co-management of marine protected areas.
  • Suported the WWF Mediterranean team with the logistics and organisation for these workshops, held in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Clients: Lush, Hi-cone, Acer, Loewe, Surfrider, Asociación Ambiente Europeo, WWF, Un Environment.

Related outputs:

– Seminar on marine debris (3 – 5 de october 2018)
– Seminar on microplastics
– Second training of the Mediterranean Leadership Forum – PHASE II
– Stakeholder engagement for the “Transforming Mediterranean Small-Scale Fisheries” Project
– Ocean Practice ACAI meeting
– Global Tuna Strategy meeting
– Fisheries exchange visits, Small Scale fisheries project