Leadership development program


The Collaborative Leadership Learning Forum was designed to identify outstanding individuals from Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean (including both EU and non-EU countries) who have shown the promise of leadership through their actions, and have a strong personal commitment to learning and applying innovative thinking on a continuous basis to their MPA. The Learning Forum is structured around us, MPA professionals and coastal and marine conservation specialists, to identify and build on our own innate skills in:

  • Leading and co-leading teams
  • Facilitating stakeholder and community engagement
  • Navigating and negotiating conflict
  • Developing innovative solution-based responses to complex challenges
  • Directing issue-based campaigns
  • Engaging in professional mentorship and peer support programs
  • Committing to a lifelong individual leadership development plan

The Collaborative Leadership Learning Forum is built on a learning model that highlights the identification and amplification of the individual resources and abilities of each us as potential leaders. The program differentiates itself from typical capacity development programs that are designed around skill and knowledge development needs as it is designed to address specific resource management issues that we experience day-to-day in our working lives as marine conservation practitioners. The multi-cultural dynamic of the group is also unique. We have the ability to share experiences and share our learning which offers us the opportunity to expand our understanding of bringing about creative approaches to solving complex marine conservation issues and challenges.

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Stakeholder enhancement and leadership webinars: Oil & Gas, Tourism and Fishers sectors, Stakeholder enhancement to influence policy, MPA monitoring, Scientific communication. 2016-present. MMMPA-NOAA-WWF.

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