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Latest job opportunities

Check the posts tagged as Underwater jobs for some interesting job opportunities
Here I give you my personal advice and give you some useful links to find your dream job!

First steps

– Join Linked-in (update your CV and search for jobs there!)

– Update your CV in other websites such as Euraxess
– Subscribe to Mailing-lists to be updated
– Keep updating your CV and personalize it depending on the job offer
– Don’t stop searching, applying and be positive: you will find your dream job!!!!! 

Mailing-lists (you can subscribe to these mailing lists to receive job offers or to share knowledge about a topic):

Coral-list: mailing list about corals. You subscribe and you receive emails everyday, but there are some interesting job opportunities there
Marman-list: the same but for marine mammals 
Marinet: Marine environment and marine research mailing-list for Spanish speakers
Other lists: here you have a link with many other list that you can subscribe

Scholarships and job opportunities in Europe

Euraxess: Scientific jobs in Europe
Mares (an Erasmus Mundus PhD program in Europe)

Scholarships and jop opportunities all over the world (in some of them you can also subcribe to receive an E-mail with job opportunities):

Rolex Scholarships: Scholarship to work abroad for young scientists
Living Oceans Fundation: fellowship for ocean research

National Geographic: several grants for exploring the world!
Fulbright: Scholarships to study in the U.S. I have put the Spanish one, but you can search for your own country.
National Science Fundation: Funding research for the U.S.
Marine jobswebsite to search marine jobs
Marine Jobs in Maldives: if your dream is to work in a resort as a marine biologist, you can post your CV and receive job opportunities on this website
Scholarship positions: website to search all kind of scholarshipsVacancies at Research Institutes

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
ZMT-Bremen: Tropical Research Institute in Bremen, Germany

If you would like to receive my personal advice to find your dream job or you have any suggestions, you can Email me!