Lab time….. So now I’m closed in the lab, until the DNA wants to show up 🙂
How does it work? Theory is easy, come and help me in the lab….
First, we do the “DNA extraction”, that is that we take a small tissue of any organism previously preserved in Ethanol or other preserving liquid.  Then we put it in a tube and add some biochemicals at certain temperatures to remove all the components that we don’t need (proteins, lipids….). After all the process finally have the DNA purified.  
Here I take a small tissue from these limpets to start with the extraction

Then I put their tissue in this tubes and add all the necessary chemicals…
We usually only need a specific region of the DNA for our study, so next we are going to proceed with the DNA replication to have many many copies of the region that we want to “see”. For that we do a PCR (Polymerase chain reaction), using some biochemicals and a PCR machine.
PCR machine, what it does basically is changing temperatures repeating it several cycles
Next we need to check if we have what we wanted so there is quick way to see the DNA, that is doing a gel electrophoresis (see picture). This method separates de DNA fragments based on their size and charge.
Electrophoresis gel
Then we see if there is the DNA….
Here we see the bands of the DNA (so it is the brightest thing that we see in the middle of the gel, all at the same level because they all have the same size). Most of them they have bands so it is good, we can send them to sequence!! 🙂
 Gel with DNA bands