I was in Hawai’i for my master’s thesis. It is one of my favorite places for Research&living, a real paradise…. I studied the “genetics and morphology of the genus Pocillopora between the Hawaiian archipelago and the surrounding regions”. In other words, I studied the systematics of a coral, comparing the morphology and genetics.
I was working a coral called Pocillopora. Samples were collected around several Pacific islands and I studied the genetics and the morphology of these corals.
This is one of the Pocillopora species that I studied
This is a way to study the morphology, looking at the images in the electronic microscope
My professor Jim Maragos says “Aloha”
Other colleagues are studying different things, such as this sea crab from the deep sea.
This is Hanauma bay, a Marine Protected Area in the island of Oahu
Green turtle, Oahu
Corals and Sea Urchin at Oahu
Can you spot the tail of the humpback whale? Hawai’i is a sanctuary for Humpback whales, where they go to reproduce in winter.
The views from my home…
Views from the top of Oahu
After a long hike in Kauai’i you find why is worth it…
“Moon” landscape at the top of Mauna Kea in Big island

Turtle having a “siesta” at Black sand beach, Big island
Volcano views from an helicopter, Big Island