I have been in Saudi Arabia as a researcher for collaborating in the Red Sea Biodiversity Project. It was an unforgettable experience, being surrounding by experts from the “Coral world” and to explore the Red Sea at places where no tourists go….. Come and submerge with me!

This is KAUST, the University of Saudi Arabia
In the middle of the picture we can see Porites, the species that I was studying
This is one of the pieces collected for the biodiversty work, where morphology and genetic will be studied

Some of the great researchers that collaborated in this project

Spinner dolphing

This is one of my favourite animals…. Is a Crinoid, from the same family as the starfishes and sea urchins. The attach themselves to the substrate, and way for their prey with their arms!

This is a Blue spot sting ray, don’t touch! 
Beutiful healthy coral…



The day of my birthday I had the best present I ever had…. I saw the coral spawning! This is an event that only occur once or twice a year, when the corals synchronize to release their eggs and reproduce!

More coral spawn!

And more…

And here we have the most cute animal on the world… A whale shark! Researchers from KAUST are studying the populations of Whale Sharks around the Red Sea